Quality Policy

Polymet, feed industry; Based on feed safety, Customer Satisfaction and Quality principles, it has revised the production system in a structure that meets FAMI-QS* standard. (*FAMI-QS: Feed Additive and preMIxture System-Quality System for Feed Additives and Ready Blends)
In this context;

  • To comply with legal and international standards and to follow and fulfill legal requirements,
  • To ensure full traceability,
  • Continuously follows customer expectations and demands and brings them to the request,
  • Increasing my cooperation with suppliers, your efficient raw materials,
  • To make efficient productions that follow processes,
  • To create regular and safe working environments with the safety and cooperation of its employees,
  • FAMI-QS Standard fulfills the requirements; the system is committed to regularly review the requirements and continuous improvement.
  • We undertake to take precautions for these when necessary, by following the issues of cheating and imitation regarding the products we produce and the raw materials we purchase.

Our certifications