Polimet Chemical and Agricultural Products

The standard copper sulphate production that needed in the fields of agriculture, industry, mining, animal husbandry and feed additives is carried out by Polimet in its facilities located in Istanbul Tuzla industrial zone with its low heavy metal content and low free acidity under FAMI-QS standards.


Agricultural Grade Copper Sulphate

Producing under the authorization of Agricultural Administration of Turkey.

Instant Bordeaux Mixture

Fungicide with 20% copper content and used as instant Bordeaux mixture.

Technical Grade Copper Sulphate

Largely used in ore mines, textile industry, dyes and animal husbandry.

Feed Grade Copper Sulphate

Copper is one of the most essential feed additive material in almost every premix.

Quality Policy

For the feed industry, Polimet based on the principles of feed safety, customer satisfaction and quality. The production system revised in accordance with FAMI-QS standards. (European Feed Additives and Premixtures Quality System)

In this scope Polimet commits;

  • To comply with legal and international standards and to follow and fulfill legal requirements,
  • To ensure full traceability,
  • Continuously follows customer expectations and demands and brings them to the request,
  • Increasing my cooperation with suppliers, your efficient raw materials,
  • To make efficient productions that follow processes,
  • To create regular and safe working environments with the safety and cooperation of its employees,
  • FAMI-QS Standard fulfills the requirements; the system is committed to regularly review the requirements and continuous improvement.
  • We undertake to take precautions for these when necessary, by following the issues of cheating and imitation regarding the products we produce and the raw materials we purchase.